Wedding Wednesday – wedding invitation wording

Are you looking to create your own DIY wedding invitations? I know I used pintrest and ‘stolen’ ideas from the internet.

I figured I’d repay the favor and post my wedding invitation wording.

Steal away!

Since I don’t have a color palate, I used red, blue and pink for absolutely no reason!

Page 1:
(I put a different cheesy quote on the bottom of each color because I couldn’t just choose one!)
invite - page 1

Page 2:
invite - page 4 details

Page 3:
(This page is 100% unnecessary. I stumbled upon this quote when I was researching a ceremony reading. This really describes my fiance’s close group of college friends, so I just tossed it into the invitations. I got word that it made at least 1 friend cry, so I guess I’ll call adding it a success!!
invite - friendship quote


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