DIY face scrub

So I got mega sunburned over the weekend at the UCF game.

My face is bright red, and I have awesome sunglass lines.

So I figured I’d DIY up some junk to slap on my burning face.

Baking soda + what ever juice was in my fridge. All I had was some random ICE water stuff …


Mix it together so it’s not too liquidy, and that’s it! If it was too liquidy, then it would just fall right off my face.

Application time! I used the back of a spoon to not glob too much on. Some of the baking soda got in my mouth. Gross!!!!

Once it’s all hard and crackly, I washed it off with water. Not sure if it helped, but it felt really darn cool on my face! And I have leftovers for later. ๐Ÿ™‚


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