Wedding Recap – photobooth

The moment I got engaged, I booked a photobooth.

I’m not kidding.

I went to a wedding in 2012, and they  had there and it was amazing!  Instead of a strip of photos, these guys give you a actual photo sized print!

Plus I got a CD of all the images!

If you live in Florida, hire Trust me, it will be the best part of your entire wedding. My guests are STILL talking about it!

Check out the nonsense:

photobooth 4

photobooth 3

photobooth 2


Wedding Recap – cheesy slide show

I didn’t want to interrupt the reception with a slide show, plus my venue had a giant TV next to the bar where I could just plug in a jump drive.

I don’t think anybody was really paying attention to the slide show, but I love it!

I have a mac, so I made it using imovie.  I just tossed photos in there, found some e-cards online and used the ridiculous music I have on my itunes account.  All in all it only took a few hours.

It’s pretty long (13 minutes), but I tried to include almost everybody that was invited to the wedding.

Wedding Recap – the bar!

The most important thing to my fiance (now husband) was having an open bar.

So save some cash ($480 to be exact) we had 1 hour of full open bar, then the next 3 hours of only beer and wine.

Why spend money on fancy ‘signature’ drinks?

I found clip art on google for milk and a beer. Using photoshop and awesome fonts by Kevin & Amanda (google them!) I whipped up this little sign.

(and yes, there was milk at the bar)

Koozies! The clip art options were cheesy hearts or doves, but when I found this trophy guy, I knew it would be perfect! I still have about 140 koozies left over. Everybody’s getting a koozie for Christmas!

I ordered about 25 beer mustaches from No reason, I figured they would be fun. Pretty much everybody on facebook posted a photo with their beer mustache. It was a huge hit!!

mustache 2


Wedding Recap – DIY seating chart!

I originally bought a piece of white poster board to make a seating chart, but when I went to Walmart last night and found this black board, I thought it was way classier!

It’s that foamy, thick board. This will be way better than poster board, since it will stand up straight. (My wedding location has a few easels for me to borrow).

I also bought this 4 pack of metallic paint pens at Wal-Mart. They were only about $2.50. I was a little worried about their quality, but it turns out they worked GREAT!!

I already had the stencil, but obviously it’s not necessary.

I pencilled out some boxes (you can see the lines in the photo … but in real life it’s pretty thin … I think!).

It’s not the classiest thing by far, but I was going for ‘cute’ and ‘easy to read’ more than classy.

I love it!

Check out the board in action!  We just propped it up on the bar, since that was close to the ballroom doors.
table board

Wedding Wednesday – DIY garter!

Instructions on how I made my own garter!

Step 1 – buy supplies.  I bought this pink ruffly thing at Joann’s as well as the skinny elastic.DSC02215

Step 2 – cut to measure my leg!  I cut the elastic as I was pulling it tight.

Step 3 – my favorite step … the PIN & PRAY!  Stretching elastic and pinning is a pain.

Step 4 – Sew as your yanking on the elastic.

Step 5 – Ta-da!

Wedding Wednesday – I <3 this video

Horrible Couple Really Wants Wedding To Reflect Their Personalities

CLICK ON THIS LINK ASAP and love every moment.

I just peed my pants a little bit.

And the article to go with it is just as fantastic!

The Onion never disappoints (me!).

Wedding Wednesday – diet time!

Our wedding is in 11 days, so I might as well start dieting now right?

Should I have started months ago … sure!

Let’s see how amazingly different I’ll look in 11 days.

Bring on the carrots!