Wedding Wednesday – is it over yet?

This is going to be a terrible blog post … but is my wedding over yet?

I mean, I’m super duper excited for the event! It’s been on the back of my mind for the past 8 months.

But I guess when you think about something for 240 days in a row, you just want it to be over.

I hate thinking like this. I want to be mega excited.

Maybe in the next 2 weeks I’ll get mega excited.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – is it over yet?

  1. You don’t want it to be over – you want it to be “HERE”

    And when it is here – take it all in, enjoy the day. It’s a whirlwind and goes so fast! I so wish I could make the trip and be there (but I used all my vacation on two florida trips already oops)
    I will need photos, and lots of them.

    • I agree. Weddings are stressful things that require heaps of organization and all of a sudden there’s two weeks to go and you’re wondering if you’ve forgotten anything. Then the BIG DAY arrives and quick as a flash it’s over. Enjoy. Try and stop a moment on the day and just look around. My wedding day is a blur of me rushing between guests, saying hello, trying to make sure everyone was happy, no one was left on their own. I think I totalled 3 glasses of champagne the entire day (more’s the pity!) and suddenly it was over, we were on the way to the hotel. Everyone tells me it was lovely!!

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