Wedding Recap – the bar!

The most important thing to my fiance (now husband) was having an open bar.

So save some cash ($480 to be exact) we had 1 hour of full open bar, then the next 3 hours of only beer and wine.

Why spend money on fancy ‘signature’ drinks?

I found clip art on google for milk and a beer. Using photoshop and awesome fonts by Kevin & Amanda (google them!) I whipped up this little sign.

(and yes, there was milk at the bar)

Koozies! The clip art options were cheesy hearts or doves, but when I found this trophy guy, I knew it would be perfect! I still have about 140 koozies left over. Everybody’s getting a koozie for Christmas!

I ordered about 25 beer mustaches from No reason, I figured they would be fun. Pretty much everybody on facebook posted a photo with their beer mustache. It was a huge hit!!

mustache 2



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