Wedding Recap – DIY seating chart!

I originally bought a piece of white poster board to make a seating chart, but when I went to Walmart last night and found this black board, I thought it was way classier!

It’s that foamy, thick board. This will be way better than poster board, since it will stand up straight. (My wedding location has a few easels for me to borrow).

I also bought this 4 pack of metallic paint pens at Wal-Mart. They were only about $2.50. I was a little worried about their quality, but it turns out they worked GREAT!!

I already had the stencil, but obviously it’s not necessary.

I pencilled out some boxes (you can see the lines in the photo … but in real life it’s pretty thin … I think!).

It’s not the classiest thing by far, but I was going for ‘cute’ and ‘easy to read’ more than classy.

I love it!

Check out the board in action!  We just propped it up on the bar, since that was close to the ballroom doors.
table board


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