Wedding Recap – “cake” & cake topper

Since getting cupcakes was way less expensive than getting a cake, cupcakes it is!

Plus they were all sorts of fun flavors! And no cutting! So many perks. Plus I think they are just cute.

We ordered cupcakes from 4 Rivers (a local BBQ joint of all places). They were only $1 a piece!

I ordered 180 or 220 (I can’t remember). And there was a delivery fee, so I paid around $240-ish.

The flavors were:
chocolate peanut butter
red velvet
birthday cake
and something else I forgot. 🙂

And we ordered the Up vinylmation set off ebay for … gulp … $80! Thankfully I had some money in my paypal account, so technically it was ‘free’.

Thankfully my mom is crafty and is pretty good with wood, and she made my cupcake tower. It was just a bunch of wood circles and PVC pipe in the middle. To cover up the PVC we used toilet paper tubes and I covered them with wrapping paper. It was a little ghetto, but it worked! I figured, nobody was really paying attention to the tubes on my cupcake tower.


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