Wedding Recap – cup cake tower

Awwww man – I’ve been married for 1 month already! And I still have a lot of recaps to go!

I just wanted to show off better photos of the cup cake tower my mom made.

As you can see, it’s just wood cut into circles. My mom wanted to put some ribbon around the edges, but since I didn’t have a “color” and that would’ve cost money, I said ‘forget it’.

The theme of the wedding was “make it look good, but make it look like I didn’t try that hard.” ๐Ÿ™‚ Ribbon around the edges would’ve made it look I was trying too hard.

The middle parts are PVC pipe, that we covered up with toilet paper tubes. Leaving that alone would’ve been super ghetto, so I used some wrapping paper that I already had. I’m not happy with the outcome, but nobody’s looking at that anyways.

Here is the first post about the super awesome cupcakes. Aren’t they colorful. My wedding colors were just “colorful”, so it worked.
cup cake stand

cup cake stand 3

cup cake stand 2

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