Wedding recap – Knightro!

Thank goodness I stalk the Root Photography wedding blog (loyal reader ever since 2007!), because I saw a couple who had the UCF mascot Knightro at their wedding.

I knew I must copy their genius idea.

To make it better … it would be a total surprise.

The surprise was 50% for Chris and 50% for all his friends. Even though they all graduated 10 years ago, all his college friends are still really, oddly, surprisingly close friends. They still go to most of the football games and talk about UCF like it was yesterday.

Let’s face it, this wedding wasn’t really for me. I didn’t need, or want to be the center of attention (hence my $31 dress). So if all the UCF gang could have the best time ever, then it was worth it for me.

It was so easy. I just filled out this form HERE, an awesome woman from UCF contacted me and it was done! Thankfully she gave “Knightro” my phone number, so we could communicate about the surprise.

My plan:
6:55pm – we cut the cake. I had the DJ make a big deal about cake cutting, so he really got everybody excited and watching us. It was embarrassing b/c cake cutting is so lame, but he was like, “everybody pay attention to this area of the room!!!”

7pm – The song “So put your hands up … and then they stay there … hands up, hands up” comes on. Everybody gets pumped up and hits the dance floor.

7:01pm – Knightro appears!

7:02pm – eveybody is just staring at him. I GOT NO REACTION OUT OF ANYBODY!!!

Everybody was asking me, “who is that?”
me – that’s Knightro
everybody – yeah, but who is it?
me – it’s the real Knightro
everybody – yeah, but who is it?

I think people thought I bought a Knightro outfit at Target or something.

After 2 minutes of shock, people figured out that it was for real, and they all lost their $%^&.

A win for me! πŸ™‚


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