Wedding recap – manly flowers!

Since I struggle with spelling, I’m going to call the boutonniere (sp?) ‘manly flowers’ for this blog post.

Chris didn’t care a bit about the theme or the color scheme of the wedding, so the last thing he cared about was if he was getting a boutonniere.

Since I bought 2 options of flowers at Publix the day of, I had these … poofy things.

Since my mom can pretty much do everything, I knew she could bust out a boutonniere in about 10 minutes.

I think she used thin flower wire and green flower tape. I picked out the tiniest pink flower (to “match” his pink tie) and 2 white buds.  We used leaves from the flowers as well.

Tons of tape later – you’re done!

I had purchased the ‘grape soda’ pin from Downtown Disney (b/c I live 2 miles from there … hence the blog title of “Amber in Florida”) 🙂

The Pixar movie “Up” wasn’t a theme or anything, but my vows involved their ‘Adventure Book’ and the cake topper was a set of Carl and Ellie vinylmation dolls. And Chris actually really likes that movie, so I figured it would be cute.

The pink was MEGA heavy, so the flowers kept falling off, so after about 1 hour into the reception they were toast. But I’m assuming the pre-game photos look pretty darn cute!
chris flowers


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