Wedding recap – centerpieces!

Back to the theme of “my mom can do anything”, she made the centerpieces.

My original plan was to buy a bunch of flowers at Publix for my bouquet (check!) and more to shove in vases for the table centerpieces.  That’s what you do for a centerpiece right, a pile of flowers?

Then my mom mailed me some of these and said, “want me to make some for favors?”

I thought, “heck no!  I don’t want you to waste all your time on the most awesome centerpieces, I give them to Chris’ guy friends and they just throw it away.”  So I thought of how I could have her ‘help’ … and my centerpieces were born!

Sticks = free
stained glass = free (well, my mom paid for the materials)
jars = free (donations from friend’s weddings) or the $1 store

Basically I think I paid $3 for 3 jars.

I don’t have a very awesome photo. Hopefully some of the professional photos are better. Basically we stuck sticks in a jar, and hung them up.

Done and done!

I say my mom starts selling them on etsy! 🙂



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