DIY – how I cut my own hair

I’m super thrifty! As you may have noticed already from 1/2 my blog posts.

I’ve actually been cutting my own hair for years. It’s a way to make choppy layers … for free!

Here’s how I do it!

Step 1 – make a ponytail high on your head. The closer you make it to your forehead, the shorter the front layers will be.

Step 2 – I put another ponytail holder on the bottom. This is the line I’m going to cut!

Step 3 – Cut straight across! Don’t worry – it’s only hair. It’ll grow back. πŸ™‚

Step 4 – At the end I take my scissors and point them straight up. I cut straight up (does that make sense)? My theory is that it makes it more choppy and flippy. Β I could be way wrong.

Step 5 – Sit back and admire your choppy layers!


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