Dopey Challenge – day #1

5kSo, it’s finally here.

My roommate and I signed up for the new ‘Dopey’ challenge about 10 months ago … and now it’s here!

The Dopey challenge is:
Thursday – 5K
Friday – 10K
Saturday – 1/2 marathon
Sunday – marathon

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no runner. Heck, I can’t even run 1 mile with out wheezing. I’m more of a power walker. You know those people we giggle at in the summer olympics. I probably look something like that. Hey – it works for me!

Today was the first ‘race’. I hesitate to use the word ‘race’, since all I did was casually walk thru Epcot for 3 miles. It was a good time. The parks are always fun when the sun is coming up (or going down).

I think the hardest part was getting up at 4:44am to be at Epcot by 5:15am.

Tomorrow … the 10K (another casual walk around Epcot) starts at 5:30am, so I have to wake up even earlier!



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