So you want to run a marathon …

Is ‘run a marathon’ on your bucket list?  Then sign up and DO IT!

(I should clarify … there is no need to actually ‘run’ a marathon. Walking the entire 26.2 miles is perfectly acceptable.)

It was on my bucket list, and I’ve successfully crossed it off 4 times now!  Each time is just as painful as the rest. Each time I think, “holy crap, this hurts. I hate this.  Why am I doing this?”  Then the second you cross the finish line (and start crying b/c you’re so proud of yourself) you think, “hell yeah!  This is the best!  I rule!  I did this.”

Check me out … crying at the finish line.  Happens every time.  I make it a personal goal to “sprint” to the finish line, which hurts just a tad.  Pretty darn sexy huh?
Picture 1

As the runDisney DJ said at the starting line, “Get ready y’all – this is a life changing experience folks.” And it really is! (now turn off Mmmm Bop and the Macarena runDisney DJ … that is NOT pumping me up!)

Let’s face it, when’s the last time you pushed to your limits? I mean your ACTUAL limits? Do you have any clue what your limits are?

I think most of us have tried hard at lots of stuff (work, love, exercise, a hobby, home decor), but we always stop when we’re tired or bored or both.

During a marathon, you can’t stop. You WILL be tired. You WILL be bored. You WILL want to give up. You’ll wonder if you take your shoes off if you’ll see a pool of blood or puss. But (as Miley Cyrus once sang), “you can’t stop … you won’t stop!”

When you’re done, you get a pretty cool medal too. In my opinion (and I think I’m alone in this opinion), I don’t need your medal. When people wear “will run for bling” t-shirts I’m always annoyed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take the medal … but I’m not pushing myself for some petty gold hardware. I’m pushing myself for pride and personal glory. I guess I can’t take a photo of me fake chewing on some pride, so a medal will have to do.

So, just go for it.  Sign up.  Unless you have a legitimate medical excuse why you can’t, then you have no excuse.

I finished the same time as a 73 year old woman, so the “I’m too old” excuse won’t work.  I also was behind somebody at least twice my size, so the “I’m too big” excuse won’t work either.  And I’m not taking the “I don’t have enough money” excuse either.  Yes the entry fee is a few hundred dollars.  However, my race shoes were $35 from Ross.  I wore a wife beater style tank top (hand me down) and regular old work out shorts I bought at Target about 7 years ago.  Fancy running crap isn’t necessary.  I am wearing a race belt in the photo, but I borrowed that from a friend.  My watch is used for a timer, and I bought it at Wal-mart for about $4.

Checking something off your bucket list – priceless.

Start Google “marathon training” or ask me.  Actually, don’t ask me, b/c I don’t do the classic training.  I don’t have time to run for 15 miles.  I just run 1 or 2 miles every other day and walk 2 or 3 miles the other days.  And for some reason that works for me.  My blazing 15 minute mile pace consists of walking for 5 minutes and running for 30 seconds.  So that’s me … see what works for you!

Tip – always run for the cameras! The photos are way more impressive that way. 🙂
Picture 2

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