Super Bowl Bingo

super bowl bingoThe big game is tomorrow!  If you love football, then you’ll enjoy watching it.

If you have a roommate (and some girlfriends) who doesn’t really like football then you play Super Bowl Bingo while watching the game!

Step 1 – make a bunch of bingo sheets.  Easy peasy.

Step 2 – print out a list of 40 things that could happen in the super bowl!  I always have some generic things (20+ yard run, interception, etc …) and some specific things (Payton Manning TD, Richard Sherman INT, etc …).

I make about 40 things, that way not everybody has the same exact board.

I print out the list, cut them up, and everybody picks them out of a bowl.  I make everybody make their own bingo board, so they know what’s on it!

There is really only one rule.  If something happens like a rushing touchdown by Marshawn Lynch and you have ‘rushing TD’ and ‘M. Lynch TD’ on your board, you only get to pick ONE!

Here is the list of 40 things I chose for this year:
Fumble lost



Wilson running TD

Wilson passing TD

Lynch TD

Manning TD


Defensive pass interference

Offensive pass interference



Horse collar tackle

½ naked fans

Celebrity in the stands

Commercial with a monkey

Commercial with a baby

Beer commercial

Commercial with a talking animal

Wes Welker TD

30+ yard field goal

40+ yard field goal

Onside kick

20+ yard run

Running TD

Passing TD


20+ yard field goal

Unnecessary roughness

Defensive TD

Eli Manning sighting

Woman sideline reporter

2 point conversion


Percy Harvin injury

Chain gang

Player carted off field

Challenge won

Challenge lost

Going for 4th down


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