DIY – wine carrier

Looking for a super easy gift to make?  Check this out.  I just used scrap fabric!

Things you need:
front facing fabric. 13″ X 15″
inside fabric. 13″ X 15″
batting would be helpful, since you want to keep your wine cushion-y!
handle fabric (I always use my inside color). 3″ X 15″

Step 1 – Cut 2 squares of fabric (the outside pattern and the inside black).  13″ X 15″.  Also cut a 13″ X 15″ batting.  Finally cut a strip for the handle out of any fabric (3″ X 15″).

Step 2 – Place the 3 layers on top of each other. Black face down // batting // Pattern face up.

Step 3. – Fold in half and sew the side and bottom.

Step 4 – Trim the extra stuff off the sides and bottom.

Step 5 – Put your wine carrier on like a puppet! 🙂

Step 6 – Take the corners and pinch them flat about 1″ down. You’re going to sew across. (This step makes the wine carrier flat on the bottom)

Step 7 – Cut off your triangles and throw them away.

Step 8 – Fold & sew the 3″ handle.

Step 9 – Turn the handle right side up. I always use a safety pin to pull it thru itself.

Step 10 – Back to the carrier. Fold the top down and sew a cuff. This cuff is super thick because it’s layers on layers of fabric AND batting!

Step 11 – Sew on the handle. I used 3 lines for some odd reason. Although a square would’ve made way more sense.



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