DIY – runDisney event blanket (part 1)

After doing a runDisney race here and there for the past 8 years, I have a pile of t-shirts. Instead of wasting space in my closet, I decided to make a quilt type blanket thing!

Try it with me!

I think this entire thing will only cost me about $30, because I bought all my supplies over the course of about 2 months. I just kept waiting for Joann Fabric coupons to come in the mail.

Things you’ll need:
Pile of t-shirts!

Fabric! I bought 2 colors of blue for the front. These are snuggly fabrics from Joanns. And the red fabric was actually some fleece from Joanns.

Cutting materials! These aren’t 100% necessary, but it made the job so much easier. I have a self-healing mat and cutting tool from Joanns. I also bought a 12″ quilting square do-hickey.

Collect your supplies, and we’ll get started!


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