Thrift store finds!

Every time I visit my friend Julie in Illinois, I make her take me to the thrift store. This trip I bought an amazing pile of stuff for only $18!

Up first – the dresses!

All things with a yellow tag were only $1 at the thrift store when we were there.  So each of these was only $1.  Cha-ching!!!

The blue dress isn’t the greatest thing ever, but it fit really well and was flattering to my top half, so for $1 I couldn’t pass it up!

The strip-y dress is from H&M.  The problem is that it’s totally see thru.  I swear H&M just sewed tissue paper together.  I plan on using it for a beach coverup.

Next up – this amazing Cubs shirt!  It was only 44 cents.  It’s a Fukudome shirt.

Up next – all the normal stuff.  I really didn’t need the Devin Hester jersey.  And for $7.17, it was fairly ‘expensive’ for a thrift store.  Although I do wear football jerseys quite a bit.  And I don’t have a orange Bears jersey.

I found that Mexico-style shirt at the last moment.  And for 88 cents, you can’t lose!

I also tripped upon that stripe H&M long sleeve sweater at the last minute. It’s very thin, so perfect for a chilly Florida evening. And it was only $1.61!

And finally – the weird stuff!  That flowered shirt is a wacky print and it’s corduroy!  Another yellow tag, so another $1!

The crazy Hawaiian dress is huge.  I carried it around the store for about an hour, hee-hawing about purchasing it.  It’s from Hilo Hattie, a major and popular retailer in Hawaii.  The print isn’t that amazing, but I caved and bought it.  $3.13 and it was mine!


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