I have the best husband ever!

Last night I turned into a total girl and Chris came to my rescue.

I like to think of myself as independent.  If I need something, like a blanket from the other room, I go get it myself.  Unless Chris is sitting right next to a blanket, then I’ll ask him.  But if both of us have to stand up to get the blanket, I’m not going to make him do something I can do by myself.

Enough blanket talk and feminism talk.  I have a few fears – driving in the snow, snakes and roaches.

Last night I found a roach.  A big roach. Like, a full grown adult one.  On the wall about 2 feet away from the bed.

It was 10pm and I was about to hop into bed.

Chris had JUST stepped into the shower when I pulled out the ‘wife’ card.  

Me – “Chris, get out of the shower NOW please.  Pretty please.”
Chris – “I just got in here.”
Me – “Please. Right now. I never ask for anything ever, but I’m asking this now.”
Chris – “Ugh.”
Me – “Hurry – the giant bug is getting closer to the bed and the pillows!!!! I’ll never ask for anything ever again. I need you here to kill this now!”

He got the huge roach (after it fell off the wall an ONTO the bed), then got back in the shower.

Chris is pretty happy that I promised never to ask for ‘anything ever again’. I’m afraid he’ll really hold that promise over my head.

He said if there is ever a snake or a spider around I’ll have to take care of that. I can handle a spider, but snakes are a whole other story …

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