How to throw an awesome party!

Every February my BFF in Illinois throws a huge birthday bash (since it’s 4 people’s b-days in February). Every year it’s a crazy theme and there’s always a bunch of games and an ultimate winner.

I attempted to copy her style, and I think I succeeded.

Our friend Cassie is moving away. Instead of going to a bar and hanging out, we decided to get together and have a fun ‘Olympic’ style game party.

We split everybody up into 4 teams of 4 and got started.

Game #1 – HIDE & SEEK. I printed out a bunch of ‘Cassie faces’ and hid them around the house. The yellow ones were worth 1 point. The blue ones were worth 2 points and the red ones were worth 3 points. After 2 minutes, the team the the most points wins!

Game #2 – SEARCH & CHUG. I made a word search with Cassie related words (y’all, Disney, moving). Each team had to find all the words AND chug a huge Fosters oil can.

Game #3 – HAPPY EASTER. Each team has to pig out on jellybeans. It was supposed to be the first team that ate them all was the winner, but it was waaaaaaay too many jellybeans. So after about 3 minutes the team who ate the most won.

Game #4 – PICTIONARY. I taped posterboard to a window and I printed out words that I randomly thought of while I was at work. I ❤ Pictionary!

Game $5 – PUZZLE IT! I bought 4 $1 store puzzles. First team to complete their puzzle while drinking 3 beers wins!

Game #6 – CASSIE TRIVIA. (I always bring trivia to every party I attend). I asked Cassie a bunch of questions before the party. Turns out everybody knew Cassie way too well, because there was a 3 way tie for 1st!

Game #7 – MARIO KART. Pretty self explanatory, we played Mario Kart. Everybody played 1 round. 1st place = 1 point. 2nd place = 2 points (etc …). The team with the lowest score wins!

Game #8 – CHEW IT! We had a gum spitting contest. We obviously played this game outside. It was surprizingly fun!

Game #9 – TANG! Everybody’s least favorite game. I had 4 containers with a lot of Tang. It was a cup of powder and 8 cups of water. First team to finish their Tang wins!


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