DIY – runDisney event blanket (the finale)

My blanket is done!

Here’s a refresher of how this got started:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I had the entire front side done in part 3, but now I had to make the back.

I got this red chevron fleece on sale at JoAnn’s for $5 for 3 yards! The problem was, I was going to have to cut it in half to fit my blanket.

This means the chevron would look pretty lame at the seam. See what I mean? There was no way I was going to line that up straight!

So I bought some white snuggly fabric and cut out some strips.

I framed the entire thing with white fabric and it was ready to sew front to back!

Since I sewed the back and front pieces together inside out, then left a small opening to turn it right side out, I had an opening. I had the GREAT idea of just sewing a white line all around the outside. This would sew up the ‘pull thru’ opening and make it look more finished.

What a huge pain! But I think it looks good.


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