DIY mask

Holy cow, this was the easiest thing EVER!

Make a bunch of masks people.  Make them for your kids.  Make them for a random holiday.  It was so easy and quick.  And fun!  Or maybe I just love felt, so I have so many random ideas.

Step 1 – google “mardi gras mask template”.  You’ll get a whole bunch.  Print.

Step 2 – cut out your template and pin it to a piece of felt.  Felt is like 50 cents at the fabric store!

Step 3 – put it against your face and make sure you can see ok.  🙂

Step 4 – Sew on teeny tiny elastic.  I actually had this elastic on hand b/c I made my wedding garter out of it.  But I’m sure it was only about $2 at the fabric store.  And I only used a small bit.  Tons more left over for future mask making!


Step 5 – try on your mask and realize you look amazing! (or ridiculous …)

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