DIY skirt

Why am I wasting money on pants and shorts, when making a skirt takes 15 minutes?!?

Step 1 – mess up cutting your fabric, so sew 2 squares together to make a long rectangle. 😦 😦 😦

In all seriousness … measure your hips. Multiply that by 1.5 if you want a non-poofy skirt or multiply by 2 if you want a poofier skirt. If you want a mega poofy skirt, keep multiplying!

Step 2 – We need to make a casing for the waist elastic. Iron down a small fold. Then iron down another 1″.

Step 3 – Pin a 3″ opening to remind yourself to STOP sewing. We need that opening for the elastic. Sew around the top layer.

Step 4 – With your trusty paperclip, feed the elastic thru your opening that you remembered to leave.

Step 5 – Sew a zig zag over and over to secure the 2 loose ends of the elastic. Then sew up your top 3″ opening. The top is now done!

Step 6 – Hem the bottom the same way you did the top (although, there’s no need to leave an opening). Iron down a small bit all the way around, the fold over again and iron.

YOU’RE DONE! Simple as pie!


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