DIY – apron!

Well … maybe I can’t really call this a “DIY” since I did use a pattern.  Although I guess I did DO IT MYSELF, so I’m going to count it.

Is it just me, or are patterns written in greek?  Maybe I just need to learn more sewing lingo.

I bought this pattern at Walmart for $1!  I figured I could just wing it without a pattern, but for something large, I assumed it was worth the splurge.  I was totally right! I’m getting my moneys worth out of this baby!

Apron #1:
I made it for me! I found this polka dot fabric at Walmart and the coordinating pink as well. It’s a little bold for my regular style, so I figured it would be perfect for an apron.

Apron #2:
I made this for my roomate for her b-day. She’s on a cruise right now with no internet connection, so hopefully she doesn’t see this post until she gets back on Saturday. 🙂 She doesn’t cook much, but maybe this will give her some motivation! It’s the pinkest thing in the entire world. Notice the pink ruffle on the pocket? ❤ And that green stuff … it's an old SHOWER curtain!

Her’s is a size bigger than mine (another plus for the pattern) since she’s got boobs and I don’t.

Apron #3:
Superman apron for Max’s birthday. What 32 year old boy (or maybe 33?) doesn’t want a Superman apron. Name one …

I’m sure he’ll use it alllllllllll the time.


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