New Dress A Day wannabe – purple maxi dress

I bought this t-shirt in a 2 pack from Big Lots for $3. 2 shirts for $3. Awesome! And they were Hanes, so it’s a quality shirt. I loved the color and it’s a 2XL.


Let’s make it into a comfy tube dress!

Step 1 – cut off sleeves and cut a straight line across the top under the neck hole.

Step 2 – cut the sides into a straight diagonal, then sew them back up!

Step 3 – fold the top down twice to make a tube. This is where the elastic will go in for a snug fit over my boobs. (DON’T sew the entire tube. You’ve got to leave a opening for the elastic.)

Step 4 – use your handy dandy paperclip to feed elastic thru the tube.

Step 5 – try it on to see where I should add the waist elastic. I look like I’m wearing a post-shower towel! And it’s a little too darn short for me. 😦

Step 6 – it’s now a MAXI SHIRT! And the most comfortable maxi skirt ever! I really don’t have the body shape to support a maxi dress, but I’ll give it a try.

purple t