How I told Michelle I was pregnant:

I realize you’re really not suppose to share pregnant news right away, but my roommate obviously was around when I was laying on the floor, wishing for death, and puking daily.

The back story is – I just got off a 7 day cruise (and I normally get pretty sea sick), so I thought, “well, this sea sickness is lasting 1 extra day.”

Well, when the sea sickness was still happening 3 days later, I figured I’d take a pregnancy test. I honestly couldn’t remember if I got my period in March, and my boobs hurt, so these were all decent signs.

When the pregnancy tests came back inconclusive, I hit the doctor’s office to confirm A) am I pregnant or B) what is wrong with me?

(it was A!)

So I hit the drugstore to buy vitamins and get a prescription for Zolfran (was supposed to make me stop puking, but it actually just makes me puke).

The text strain from Michelle to Amber on 4/10/14:

Michelle: How’d it go?!?

Amber: I was going to tell you when I got home. But …

Michelle: I’m dying here!


Amber: They come in gummy form!

Michelle: OMG. You’re not !@#$-ing with me right?

Amber: No, they are actually gummy bears. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Amazing huh?

Michelle: I’m taking about your seriously pregnant right?!?

Amber: Ha ha. I know. I’m just being annoying.

Amber: I am.

Michelle: OMG! I’m so excited. How’s Chris?

Amber: He’s more excited about making guacamole tonight.

… and then we chat about the tacos we all plan to make later.


2 thoughts on “How I told Michelle I was pregnant:

  1. How am I JUST seeing this … this made my heart so happy! ❀ I'm totally going to miss living with you, but am excited to be "Titi Michelle" πŸ™‚

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