Pregnancy is gross – part 2

It’s Monday morning.

I have to be at work by 9:30am.

I’m brushing my teeth at 9am. I’m running about 5 min late, but I’ll still make it to work on time if I hustle.

As I take a huge mouthful of water to rinse, I think, “shoot, I might have to throw up …”

“… Yup, it’s happening.”

Normally with toothbrushing rinse water, you just spit in out the sink. I look down at the sink and think, “No, DON’T puke in there. You’ve done that a couple times and it’s really gross to clean up.”

I look down at my toilet and really, really slowly process in my brain, “yes, that’s correct, you should puke in there.”

I start to bend over, but it’s too late.

I have a mouth FULL of water and uncontrollable vomit coming up so I spew ALL OVER. Like movie quality spitting out a drink.

All over my shower curtain. All over the floor. All over the toilet seat.

Keep in mind, I’m already late for work.

I wiped down the toilet, just left the other gross stuff all over the floor and shower curtain, and left for work.

I made it on time!

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