Pregnancy is gross – part 3

Have you ever thrown up before?

Of course you have. Unless you’re … shoot … wasn’t there a sitcom star who never, ever threw up?

Anyways, we’ve all heard of morning sickness. Well, I had it for about 2 months. It wasn’t so bad. I mean, throwing up every other day was horrible, but I’ve heard of people what puke multiple times a day OR for a solid 9 months, so I can’t really complain.


Although, here’s what was gross about it: imagine normal puke (isn’t this fun?). It’s normally all soup-y and liquid-y and just a pile of mush.

Well, my pregnancy puke pretty much would always come right after I ate something. I mean, about 10 minutes after. I’m not even sure if the food was in my stomach before Bubba (my baby) decided she wasn’t having it. So it would basically come up in the exact form that I ate it.

Have you ever thrown up an entire orange? I mean, not a liquified orange, but huge chunks or orange? It’s hard to get that up and it hurts!

How about throwing up a bowl of oatmeal? I had abs of steel forcing that back up. It always took a solid 10 minutes getting everything out and stop the gagging.

Now that I’m 5 months pregnant, and no longer puking … I kind-of miss my abs of steel. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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