Hello, my name is “Bubba”

bubba watsonYou may have notice I’m referencing to my uterus as “Bubba”.

If you’re super excited to hear the back story – wait no longer!

Actually, it’s a pretty short story. Basically, I went to the doctor the Thursday that the Masters golf tournament started. So Chris and I decided that we’ll name the baby after who ever wins the masters.

(side note – Chris is a huge golf fan. Also, I was so miserable and sick, so watching golf for 4 solid days on TV seemed to be acceptable at the time)

I was secretly hoping for an Adam Scott victory, since “Scott” was my #1 boys name.

I was getting a tad nervous since Jonas (Yo-Nas) Blixt was really high on the leader board. Also a Miguel was golfing quite well all weekend. I’m pretty white, so a baby “Miguel” might spark a lot of confusion.

However, thankfully Bubba Watson was victorious, and little Bubba was ‘born’.

3 months later, we found out little Bubba was a girl. However, the name is 100% perfect, so I’m keeping it up.

Aunt Michelle is not enjoying the girl name ‘Bubba’, but we’re sticking to our guns. Maybe when she’s born and has a REAL name the Bubba nickname will fade away … we shall see!


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