I’m a cry baby!

Over the years, as I’ve gotten older, I have changed from a non-crier to a moderate crier. However, this 3rd trimester is ridiculous.

I think my friend Kristin said it best, “just try not to have feelings”.

Here is a list of dumb things that have made me cry this month:
· Guardians of the Galaxy – when John C. Riley’s pink wife and pink child came home safely after the big attack.

· A stupid Coca Cola commercial that featured the song “when I am with you … there’s no place I’d rather be”

· Project Runway (season 8) – when the parents come to the workroom and Gretchen is sad her Mom won’t be able to make it because she won’t be able to leave her disabled Dad at home … but then she shows up!

· Project Runway (season 8) – when Mondo admits that he’s been HIV positive and he’s been afraid to tell his family for the past 10 years.

· Project Runway (season 8) – when Michael Costello found out he got 4th place and isn’t going to fashion week. He was uncontrollably bawling like Toby McGuire did in Spiderman 3, so therefore I was uncontrollably bawling for him.

· American Girl doll commercials.

· Talking to Bubba in the car the other day about how she can be a fashion model (watching too much Project Runway) or anything she wants to be.

· I called Bubba by her REAL name (we have conversations when I’m driving around) and it was just … different.

· Getting some bummer news at work (we all know how professional it is crying at work!).

· When a friend from high school offered to mail me a bunch of hand me down clothes.

· Writing this blog post. 😦


One thought on “I’m a cry baby!

  1. …kodak commercials. I remember bawling over that. I saw Beauty and the Beast for the first time while pregnant with Emily – Bawled for hours.

    Not having any idea what I wanted to eat. Scott found me sitting on the kitchen floor bawling. he called sam’s pizza for delivery. (pizza not baby)

    Don’t worry – after the baby you will just cry at every movie or TV show where a child is in danger, dies, is kidnapped, sick, etc. For the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

    Oh, wait… should I have sugar coated that? sorry.

    look, kittens!

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