Pinterest success – sperm bags!

I found this on pintrest, and it seemed like an easy thing to duplicate.
Picture 1

Step 1 – I made an oval template about 7 or 8″ in diameter and cut out some white felt. (not sure if felt was the way to go, but I already had it at home).

Step 2 – I cut out pink and blue ‘sperm’ tails. Once again, I already had the pink and blue felt, so this project has been 100% free so far!

Step 3 – I pinned everything together. Notice the tail is on the outside because I was going to turn them inside out. HOWEVER since it’s felt the edges won’t fray, so I tucked the ‘tail’ inside when I sewed.

Step 4 – I bought some random beans at Aldi, filled them about 3/4 of the way full and finished sewing.

I actually did 2 layers of stitching around each bag to make them super duper secure.

Turns out grass and sticks really stick to white felt. 😦 😦 😦



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