Dear Bubba,


Well, UCF dominated SMU this afternoon (although you and I slept right thru the 2nd quarter), so maybe you and I will dominate the delivery room tonight!

Man, it would be pretty cool if I could sleep thru that as well.

See you tomorrow!  (unless labor is miraculously less than 4 hours and you’re born before midnight).




Dear Bubba,


Well, last night, as your Dad said, I made my first “parenting” move.

I overreacted and went to the hospital.

I have no idea what a contraction is, but my stomach and back were hurting for like 4 straight hours!  It was around midnight (of course!) when we decided to go.

I assumed it was nothing, but I guess I didn’t want to take any chances.  If it was just my health I would’ve just ‘rubbed some dirt on it’, but this is YOU we’re talking about!  I didn’t want to sleep it off and find out in the morning that I did some damage to your tiny little body.

Of course, as we’re driving to the hospital (only 15 min away), I’m feeling 100% fine.  When I called the “on call” button to get buzzed in to the baby area I said, “I’m probably not in labor but I’m here anyways”.

I got to sit in a room and listen to your hearbeat for about 40 minutes, then they sent me on my way.

The nurse tried to tell me that “we never induce before week 41!”, even though we have an appointment to meet you Saturday at 8pm.  After she looked it up and realized that your Mom is pretty old, she understood why we were rushing a little bit.

Now your poor Dad has to go to work today, even thought we got home from the hospital around 1:30am.  😦

See you soon!



Dear Bubba,


So, I just went out to Chuy’s with your Titi Michelle.  We split some Chica-chica boom-boom and boy and I hurting!

Am I just incredibly full or do you not like Chuy’s?  It’s delicious Mexican food?  My back is killing me and I just hurt all over.  Are you trying to push your way out or do I just have to go to the bathroom?

I guess I’ll just wait and see!

Tomorrow is our last day at work together.  Be nice to my lower back will ya?



Dear Bubba,


Well, I found out today that you’re scheduled to arrive on Saturday at around 8pm.  Well, that’s when the doctor will hook me up to a bunch of machines, so I’m guessing you’ll arrive on Sunday at some point.

If are truly my daughter, you’ll be out and ready to watch the Bears vs. Bucs game on Sunday at 1pm.

Also, next Wednesday we’ll be able to watch Criminal Minds together!  Won’t that be fun.  Actually, maybe that show is a little too scary for a baby.

See you soon!



Things I can’t do 9 months pregnant:

To be honest, most everything on this list is things I haven’t been able to do in quite some time.

It’s the simple things in life that I miss. It honestly makes me thankful. I’m a healthy person who actually can do lots of things (when I’m not pregnant). There are a lot of people out there who maybe can’t do these things at all!

Back to the list:

  • shave my legs
  • wipe myself (see my earlier post about how gross I am)
  • put on socks (or not slip on shoes)
  • wear my wedding rings
  • pick thing up from the floor (I use my toes)
  • get things out of bottom cabinets (I’m dying to organize both my bathrooms in the new house, but I can’t get to any of the cabinets since they are under the sinks)
  • cut my toenails

I pledge to not shop on Thanksgiving … any more …

I admit it. I went to Wal-Mart last year ON Thanksgiving day to go shopping.

I’m not proud of myself, but I was officially part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Let me tell you something: IT. WAS. JAM. PACKED.

Yes, I was part of the problem, but so were about 5000 other people. Every single checkout line was open (there’s about 40 in Wal-mart, right?) and the lines were waaaaaaaaay backed up into the clothing section (which, at my Wal-mart is the section across from the check on lanes). I think I waited about 45 minutes to check out.

People had carts jammed full of stuff (or shall I call it ‘crap’?). I figured it would be crowded, but I had no idea what it was really like.

So, while I will vow not to shop on Thanksgiving this year (or any year in the future), I can’t say I see this trend going away anytime soon. From the looks of it, my Wal-mart made a killing that day! Why won’t they stay open?!? It just makes good business sense.

I really don’t like that stores are opening on Thanksgiving. I do feel bad for the employees. My mom used to work in a nursing home, so every year on either Thanksgiving or Christmas she wouldn’t be around. I realize that a nursing home is 100% different than Wal-mart, but the point is that a family holiday wasn’t really that special when 25% of your family wasn’t at home.

However, as an hourly worker myself (not in retail), I do know the power of overtime and/or double time.

Do these big retailers offer more money to work on the holidays? I’m not sure, but I want to believe they are. I also want to believe the employees VOLUNTEER to work because they can earn a sweet paycheck. I know that if I personally volunteer to work on Memorial Day, Labor Day or 4th of July I am rewarded with some extra pay (my job is not open on Thanksgiving).

Maybe I’m being naive, because the amount of workers needed at Wal-mart last Thanksgiving was astounding, but I’ll keep thinking they all volunteered. Or, heck, maybe when they were hired they knew they would have to work.

bXWjKiNL_400x400I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving. Nothing is that important. I hope that others will follow this new trend. Maybe in a few years retailers will close. I’m curious to see how it all pans out.

Side note – here’s why I was at Wal-mart last Thanksgiving. I was leaving on my honeymoon on black Friday, flying to Hawaii. I had absolutely nothing to do on the plane, so I went to Wal-mart to purchase some yard to crochet my roommate a scarf. Just one measly ball of yarn.

DIY maternity skirts

My goal is to not throw money away on maternity clothes and save all my money for the more important things, like things that will keep Bubba alive (like a car seat).

I was also hoping I won’t gain that much weight. (I was wrong!!!)

I thought I could make a bunch of cozy skirts out of giant men’s t-shirts. I think they turned out well!

Step 1 – buy some 2X (then 3X) 4 pack of men’s t-shirts from Walmart. I think each pack was about $16.

Step 2 – buy some elastic for the waist.

Step 3 – I cut off the arms and the neck. I kept the sides already sewn as well as the bottom hem. So basically all I had to do was sew a casing for the elastic!

You can tell I didn’t bother making the casing look nice by folding the fabric over a few times. After I lose all this weight (which will happen immediately right?!?) I’ll never need these skirts again …

Step 4 – after you thread the elastic thru, sew over and over and over to keep it secure.

Step 5 – super cozy skirt!

(this photo was before I realized it was too long for a 5′ person like me, so I shortened it below the pocket. But, damn, pockets are cool!)