Non-cheesy baby shower games

So, I’m not in to showers of any kind. I have an issue with registries (I’ll save that for another blog post), but I’m all for random parties!

So my friend Michelle and I threw baby Bubba a “Bubba shower”. I struggle with baby shower games, so I thought embarrassing myself would make for a good time.

Up first – how much weight did have I gained so far! I’m not sure if people were being nice, but I mainly assumed that nobody had any idea how a pregnant lady bulks up. Everybody guessed under! (except the person who guessed -5 but somebody changed it to +50. I’m actually really close to 50!! Ahhhhh!). ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Bubba’s name is a secret. Basically I don’t want anybody’s opinions, b/c … well … basically I don’t want to hear it. Although, by now the name is totally overhyped, and when she’s born the boring name is going to be such a let down. However, nobody guessed correctly!

Michelle used her craftiness and her pintrest-ing abilities to make this hilarious game! I think it’s a pretty quality uterus!

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