DIY maternity skirts

My goal is to not throw money away on maternity clothes and save all my money for the more important things, like things that will keep Bubba alive (like a car seat).

I was also hoping I won’t gain that much weight. (I was wrong!!!)

I thought I could make a bunch of cozy skirts out of giant men’s t-shirts. I think they turned out well!

Step 1 – buy some 2X (then 3X) 4 pack of men’s t-shirts from Walmart. I think each pack was about $16.

Step 2 – buy some elastic for the waist.

Step 3 – I cut off the arms and the neck. I kept the sides already sewn as well as the bottom hem. So basically all I had to do was sew a casing for the elastic!

You can tell I didn’t bother making the casing look nice by folding the fabric over a few times. After I lose all this weight (which will happen immediately right?!?) I’ll never need these skirts again …

Step 4 – after you thread the elastic thru, sew over and over and over to keep it secure.

Step 5 – super cozy skirt!

(this photo was before I realized it was too long for a 5′ person like me, so I shortened it below the pocket. But, damn, pockets are cool!)


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