Dear Bubba,


Well, last night, as your Dad said, I made my first “parenting” move.

I overreacted and went to the hospital.

I have no idea what a contraction is, but my stomach and back were hurting for like 4 straight hours!  It was around midnight (of course!) when we decided to go.

I assumed it was nothing, but I guess I didn’t want to take any chances.  If it was just my health I would’ve just ‘rubbed some dirt on it’, but this is YOU we’re talking about!  I didn’t want to sleep it off and find out in the morning that I did some damage to your tiny little body.

Of course, as we’re driving to the hospital (only 15 min away), I’m feeling 100% fine.  When I called the “on call” button to get buzzed in to the baby area I said, “I’m probably not in labor but I’m here anyways”.

I got to sit in a room and listen to your hearbeat for about 40 minutes, then they sent me on my way.

The nurse tried to tell me that “we never induce before week 41!”, even though we have an appointment to meet you Saturday at 8pm.  After she looked it up and realized that your Mom is pretty old, she understood why we were rushing a little bit.

Now your poor Dad has to go to work today, even thought we got home from the hospital around 1:30am.  😦

See you soon!



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