Dear Bubba,

You’re born!  Hallelujah!

I’ve heard “you’ll miss it when she’s not in your belly anymore”. I’m going to disagree 100%. I’m so glad she’s out! Now I can not worry so much about doing something that may or may not hurt her. I can finally sleep on my stomach again. I can eat something unhealthy. I can SEE her. The 9 months of pregnancy were tough because I just worried that she would be ok. Now I can see that she’s ok (or see if she’s not ok).

You also have a real name that’s not Bubba. You’ve actually had a name even before we knew you were a little girl. I guess for blogging purposes I’ll keep calling you ‘Bubba’. I’m not one of those super overly cautious security weirdos, but I guess I’ll keep your real name a little private.


And what do you know … you’re perfect. Perfect little face, perfect little body, perfect little demeanor. You only cry when you’re hungry or we try to put you to sleep in your crib. I guess you’re too little to sleep all by yourself. If somebody picks you up (anybody, not just me!) you’re perfectly fine.

What an honor it will be to take care of you.

Let’s get started!

I love you,


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