Pintrest success – Beery Christmas!

I was going to give this to my husband around December 13th (I think that’s when the 12 days of Christmas starts?), but since we have a 1 week old baby, maybe he’ll need this gift sooner than later.

Thank you pintrest! ๐Ÿ™‚

Pintrest post:
Picture 1


Picture 1

Just search for “beer advent calendar” on pintrest and you’ll find tons of options!

My friend and I bought 2 12 packs and divided them up. So we each have about 9 different beers. I was originally going to do 24 beers, but then I became too thrifty and decided that the “12 beers of Christmas” will be appreciated just as much!

Step 1:
Buy beer with a friend (or just buy whatever you want!) and divide up all the ‘flavors’.

Step 2:
I just used the Sam Adams box (my friend got the other box) and put the 12 beers in there and wrapped it up.

I also printed out one of those “Beery Christmas” printable from Pintrest. Although, you can obviously just make that yourself.

Step 3:
The top of the box is ‘open’, meaning it’s just got wrapping paper over it. So the plan is for my husband to PUNCH through each day and take a beer.

As you can see I labeled them with certain days counting down to Christmas, but I think I’ll just give it to him today.

And there you go! What guy wouldn’t appreciate this gift?!?

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