Post-pregnancy is gross – part 1

Look at my sausage legs!

And my sausage toes!

And, worse yet, my sausage ankles. (or should I say, ‘sausage cankles’?)

Embarrassingly, I’m not 100% sure what an IV is, but in the hospital I had 3 bags worth. I guess it’s like tons of water and salt, which makes your legs and ankles explode (???).


As my loving mother said, “Put some pants and sock on! I can’t look at you!”  (I was wearing shorts around the house.  I wasn’t 100% pants-less!)

She was kidding of course, but it was pretty gross. I mean, I don’t have 1, but 2 fat ROLLS on my ankles!

Besides scaring my Mom away, it also really, really hurts! My feet skin is stretched to the max. I can barely bend anything with out ouchy pain in calves and ankles.

Every time I walked by a mirror or our sliding glass doors I would accidentally glance and look at my enormous legs. All I kept thinking is that I looked like a circus freak. “Step right up and take a look at giant elephant feet!”


Thankfully, after a week of drinking lots of water, walking as much as I could and waking up in the middle of the night DRENCHED in sweat (I’m talking SOAKED in sweat.  So gross!!!!), my calves, ankles and feet are back to normal. Thank goodness that was just temporary.

Also, in case you were wondering, that is my GIANT white hospital underwear that goes well above my belly button. I’ll save that for another post …

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