Post-pregnancy is gross – part 2

For once, I agree with Oprah!  Remember this clip from like 4 or 5 years ago?

Well, I’ll try to keep this post short and sweet.

You know what phrase, “it’s like pushing a watermelon out of a …”? Well, actually, I clearly DON’T know that phrase, but I think we all get the idea.

Well, it’s actually not like pushing a watermelon out of a tiny hole. The watermelon bursts out and breaks everything in it’s path.


This is what my toilet currently looks like.

It’s full of medicine.

I’ll let you imagine why I need all this medicine … (ouch!). Hint, hint … it’s the cute little watermelon’s fault.

The water squirt bottle is what I use to ‘wipe’ myself with, since using toilet paper is way too rough. Have you ever slowly walked into a cold pool/ocean? You know once you get to crotch level water the cold water is extra freezing and it’s paralyzing? Well, that’s what squirting water on your downstairs is like after peeing.

The tiny aerosol can is foamy stuff to rub on … you know.

The circular tub is witch hazel thin pads to numb … you know.

The the spray can is more numbing stuff for … you know.

Don’t get me started on the 3 separate pills (that aren’t on the toilet) I’m also taking for the pain.

Isn’t being a girl fun?!?


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