Post-pregnancy is gross – part 3

Picture this:

Last Wednesday my husband was off work, so I got to sleep in a tad.

I woke up (with out a baby yelling at me) around 8:30am.

I woke up in a POOL of my own sweat. I’m talking, my tank top is soaked like I jumped into a swimming pool.

Side note – I rarely used to sweat. I mean, I’d glisten a little bit after being outside, but dripping droplets of sweat is uncommon for me. For some proof, here’s a photo of me after completing the Disney marathon in January 2014. No sweat marks to be found!

I hit up the bathroom to change my clothes.

I took my saturated tank off.

I felt a drip of water on my arm. A pretty big drip.

My first thought was, “holy crap! Am I sweating so much that my sweat is dripping off of me?!? Gross!!!

Then I looked down at my arm.

My “sweat” was white.

Then I saw another drop falling … falling from my boob.

My boobs are officially leaking.

Weird!  Gross!  How do I stop this?!?

New development – check out this photo of me waking up the following day.  2 awesome boob marks.  #sexy!


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