Nursery Tour

What do you get when you spend $0 on a nursery? A hodge podge of stuff that doesn’t look half bad.

Well, I take that back … I spend about $15 on the purple paint from Wal-mart.

I’m still working on the giant rag rug for her room.  (I’m so ashamed!  It’s taking me forever!)

First up – diaper mountain!  I got quite a few boxes of diapers from my baby shower (thank you!!!) and I bought a bunch more at Target because they were on sale.  I have nowhere to put them (and they are a lot of size 2 and 3, which I probably won’t need for at least 6 months), so diaper mountain will continue to grow!

That black shelving unit was my roommates from our old apartment.  On the shelf are random Vinylmations, some liquor bottles (also a baby shower gift!) and my MVP softball trophy from high school.  Bubba’s got to know that her mom was cool back in the day!

Miss matched furniture!  That brown thing was my husband’s baby chest when he was born.  So naturally we had to use that.  The blue shelf was an Ikea purchase.  Right now there is just a bunch of crap piled on it.  When she’s older and we actually need stuff, I’ll get it organized.

The changing table we actually purchased!  (gasp – we spent money!)

There’s the one purple wall.  And the crib I bought used for $90.  And those snazzy curtains used to be my shower curtain in my old apartment.  They are actually curtains from Ikea that I bought about 5 years ago.

Something new!  Michelle (Bubba’s godmother) bought us this totes adorbs mobile.

Sexy brown chair!  It’s a hand me down from Chris’ uncles.  It’s not a fancy glider chair, but it does rock a little bit.  Free chair = I’ll take it.

That awesome crochet blanket is from a co-worker.  It’s so cute and cuddly!

Looking at these snoozy photos, I need to add some photo frames or something to those blank walls! Pronto!


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