Must be Santa!

I was so lazy this month, just laying on the couch with Bubba all day, that I finally got off my buns to go to Downtown Disney to meet Santa on 12/23.

I finally got out of the house at 6pm. After parking and walking to Santa, it was ONLY a 3 hour wait!


Thankfully they give you a pager so you don’t have to stand in line for 3 hours. Bubba slept for a while, and I breast-fed her in the corner over by the toy store (awkward in public!)

By the time Chris got there after happy hour at Sea Dog brewery, it was time! The 3 hour wait was really only a 2 hour wait.

Here’s my favorite photo:
Picture 1

Holy crap – I’m so fat! I really hate it. I know, I know … there’s a reason I’m so fat. But I can still hate it.
Picture 3


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