New Years Resolutions – 2015 edition!

I had some quality resolutions last year. Basically I’d like to keep those up, and add in a few more.

1. Take a photo a day. I did this in 2010-2013. This year I started, and failed around May. Stupid pregnancy where I just laid in bed all day trying not to puke!  So I’m 100% in for it again.  I love going back and looking at the old photos.  It’s basically my own personal ‘time hop’ (an app).

2. Start my daily journal. It’s more like a ‘journal for life’. Basically, you just write a quick sentence of what you did each day.
Example: January 5 // 2015 – went to work then watched the Bears game // 2016 – went to the mall with Michelle // 2017 – etc …

See my instructions here on how I made it!

3. Lose my baby weight. I’ve got about 35 more pounds to go.

4. Stop wasting food. I throw away way too much food. I need to quit buying stuff and not cooking with it. Also, quit cooking food and not eating leftovers.  Don’t feel like eating that … tough!

5. Clothes shopping strike. It’s still on! No more clothes buying. It’s not necessary. If I bust my buns and lose my 35lbs, all my original clothes should fit! And even if some don’t, I have way too much anyways.

6. Be more social. I haven’t worked with all my friends in 2 years. I kind-of stink at keeping in touch. I’m afraid to call or text for no reason. I need to put my big girl pants on and ask a friend out for lunch or coffee! What’s a thing adults do right?!? 🙂

7.  Drink more water.  I need some sort of giant cup or something to keep me honest.


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