Dear Bubba,


Dear Bubba,
Last night you pooped quite a bit, and some got on your PJs. So, at 3am, I just grabbed a random onesie out of the drawer and put it on you.

You weren’t really into sleeping much after that 3am feeding, so we sat in our cozy chair for a bit while you settled down.

IMG_2506I got a good look at that random onesie I put on you.

It’s some silly little snail and a butterfly and it says “little friends”.

And I burst out in tears.

The next morning when we were playing around on the couch, I burst into tears again.

You’re so little, and we’re friends! The ‘little friends’ is me and you (and maybe your dad too, but he’s not around at 3am).

I’m super excited for you to get older and ‘more interesting’ (walking, coloring with me, swimming in the pool, random arts and crafts), but I’m also going to FIERCELY miss you when you’re not so little.

IMG_2516Can’t we just cuddle forever?


P.S. You’re the coolest baby ever.


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