Photo-a-day challenge!

Laugh all you want, but taking a photo a day (and posting it on FB) is actually A LOT harder than it sounds.

“But I take tons of photos every year!”  That’s great, but taking one every single day, even if nothing spectacular is happening is actually pretty darn hard.

Once you get into the swing of it, it becomes much easier.  You’ll start looking for “lame-ish” things to take a photo of.  And you’ll start remembering your camera.  And your friends will even say, “hey, did you take a photo today” or “Am I going to make your 365 photo today?!?”

Alas, things happen and you’ll forget.  I forget.  We all forget.

It’s ok, just take a few photos in one day and lie about it!  Here are some things you can lie with:

Your legs!  (hey, your legs were there yesterday, right?)

Your desk at work! (you worked yesterday when you forgot to take a photo, right?)

Your toys!

Random food from your freezer!

Your ugly shoes!

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