Pregnancy weight loss – month 2

IMG_2487Woo! Look at me go!

If you’re new to my blog, you might not realize that I’ve actually completed a few marathons and half marathons. And it wasn’t that long ago … like Feb ’14!

But when I got pregnant and really dizzy and sick, I just stopped working out all together.

Now that I have no more excuses … let’s get back out there!

I’m just casually walking around the neighborhood, nothing fancy. But I’m proud of myself for doing it.

IMG_2495Check out these blazing times! NOT.

Hey, I’m pushing a stroller, so of course I’m going to be slow. Also … I’m just slow!

I’m really enjoying the RunKeeper app I downloaded. I had no clue how far I was going before.

Also, it keeps your stats and a ‘hall of records’. So I know what’s the fastest I’ve done and the most milage. It’s something to strive for … to beat my record!

I go back to the doctor tomorrow, so we’ll see if I’ve lost any weight since last check up. All these Christmas cookies probably aren’t helping. Boooo.


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