Mmmmm … burger!

I realize my last 2 posts were about losing weight and getting into shape, and now I’m blogging about a burger.

But it’s worth it!

This is no ordinary burger.

It’s a bacon burger.

With a Krispie Kreme donut for a bun!


I’ll be honest, it was waaaaaaaaaay too sweet for me to eat alone. Also, maybe I was a bit scared to even try. So I split it with my husband.

It was kind-of good. I’m glad I tried it (so I can say, “I ate that!”). The saltiness of the bacon makes the sweetness of the donut not so overpowering.

I ordered this burger at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort!

(Also, this is an old photo. I’m not eating giant burgers when I’m trying to lose 30lbs of baby weight.)

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