Pintrest Win: Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I pinned this a zillon years ago, and I finally got my hands on 2 (free) Mason jars. Time to start crafting!


Supplies I used:
Mason jar (duh!)
soap dispenser (I bought this one at Joann for $1)
tin snips
computer with Pintrest directions!  🙂

We need to make a hold large enough for your soap pump to fit thru.

Take the hammer and nail, and start pounding hole into the top of the mason jar lid.  Basically we need to get a hole big enough for the tin snips to fit in.

No real secret here.  I just pounded about 10 hole and just kept snipping (or trying to snip) away.

The snips were actually pretty worthless.  But they did come in handy for this step.  I jammed the snips into my hold and kept twisting.  I was making the hold larger and larger.

Once your soap lid fits thru the hole – you’re done!  I could’ve glued it down, but I didn’t have any fancy glue.  Also, my soap dispenser was too long, so I had to cut off the bottom to make it fit into my tiny jar.


The tiny jar is hand soap (blue soap from the original dispenser and white soap from a giant soap refill bottle).

I had a large mason jar lying around, so I quickly made a dish soap dispenser too!

Super duper easy!!


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