Pintrest Win – DIY Mileage Sign

Picture 2We’ve all seen one of these rustic, weathered mileage signs somewhere on vacation.

Well, I have a random cut out dirt area next to my swimming pool where I think I could make one.

And I did! This is one project that came out EXACTLY how I imagined it. I love it so much! And it barely cost me anything since I had most of the wood.

Step 1: Break off old, beat up boards from the fence that’s hiding your pool pump.  (obviously, this step probably won’t apply to you.  However, look around for wood scraps.  You’ll be surprised where they pop up.)

Step 2: Google milage amounts and paint! I used a pencil to mark the writing on the boards then just used a $.50 bottle of craft paint from Walmart. I didn’t want to use a stencil since the goal was to make it look home-made and rustic.

Step 3: Nail the boards to a pre-treated 2X4 that my mom randomly bought for me. Initially I wanted to find a piece of wood from the garbage to make it look super old, but I guess the pre-treated lumber will last way longer (and not rot).  I purposely had my dad nail them all crooked and wonky.  It adds to my “it’s been there for 50 years!” look.

Step 4: My dad helped mix some quick set concrete. We just used a throw-away plastic flower pot (with a bunch of Walmart bags inside since the flower pot had holes). This stuff is called “quick set” for a reason. Dang – you’ve got to move fast!!



Step 5: We tied it to my attic stairs to set overnight so it would be level-ish in the flower pot. (even thought that really wasn’t necessary). The concrete would’ve set in about 30 minutes.

Step 6: Bury in a 2′ hole in the backyard and you’re done.

I love it so much!!!


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