To selfie or not to selfie …

My friend Miranda got a selfie stick for her (December) birthday.

Since I don’t live under a rock, I’ve heard of selfie sticks, but she’s the first person I know who actually has one.

That same day I got out of my rock (I had just had baby Bubba, so I was pretty out of the social loop) and went to Downtown Disney for the Christmas lights display.  There were selfie sticks everywhere!

My gut reaction was “lame!!!”

I’m not a huge selfie fan.  I’ve taken my fare share, but some people I know post a selfie a day (even a selfie a week is too much).  Maybe I’m wrong, but a selfie feels like fishing for a compliment.  So to create a product that encourages selfies

… ridiculous!

Before selfie sticks, we used to ask a complete stranger to take a photo of us.  So why buy a stick?  To promote your own self worth?

Then I thought about it some more.  How many strangers have I asked to take a photo of me in front of some landmark?  Numerous time I get some person who has no clue how to use a camera.  Sometimes they don’t speak English, then it’s just awkward.  So if I w

as in control of taking a photo of myself and my surroundings, that might actually be a good idea.

Hmmmmm …

So while I defiantly don’t need any more photos of just my chubby, post-baby mug, I often want to take a group photo and include everybody.  I often want to take a photo of baby Bubba and I.  I also enjoy taking photos of myself in front of famous landmarks.

The stranger thing works out quite a bit, but if I could have control over the photo and get all artsy with my angles and zooming … I just might be sold!

The internal debate grows stronger within …



2 thoughts on “To selfie or not to selfie …

  1. You make some great points. I’d be too embarrassed to use it in public though. But even more too embarrassed to ask someone else……guess that leaves me selfie-ing on my porch or perhaps explains the popularity of car selfies?

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